Free-lance Photography – Accepting Payments While Travelling

Why must our business have mobile payment options?

Like many other enterprises, digital photography is something which is not confined to the office. In fact, the very nature of the photography business pretty much always takes you out of the office. The opportunities are countless when it comes to doing photography away from the office, and a lot of these places may be outdoors, up a mountain, or in the center of nowhere.

What you have to do is consider a payment solution which will allow you to accept payments no matter where you could be in the country. Not all your customers are going to have a ready supply of cash on them, and most of them will want to use the increasingly well-liked and preferred, card payment.

Learn how to accept payments on location photo shoots?

We’ve identified that you need something that will permit you to accept payments wherever you might be, now to learn what can enable this. The answer is a debit card terminal. Now a lot of people think that you must have a debit card machine plugged into your telephone service or other internet device, but the fact is that there are mobile terminals that can help.

We are certainly not referring to the mobile terminals you see in an eating venue that allow the customer to stay seated and pay their bill; these are very useful, but not ideal for what you need. What you want is a GPRS terminal that will keep track of your location and allow you to take payments into your merchant account no matter what your location is (providing you can get on the mobile network).

These new terminals have become increasingly preferred with clients like yourself who need a payment solution that they can accept anywhere with them. Obviously it can also double up as a terminal you can use at the office too!

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